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Tiniakos Dimitris
  -    -  Tiniakos Dimitris
Δημήτρης Τηνιακός 41×55 εκ., Επιχρωματισμένη Λιθογραφία Dimitris Tiniakos 41×55 cm Coloured lithography
Δημήτρης Τηνιακός 16×31 εκ., Σινική μελάνι σε χαρτόνι Dimitris Tiniakos 16×31 cm Ink on carton


He was born in Andros in 1920 and passed away in 1997. He studied painting in the Fine Art School of Athens (1941-47) with K. Parthenis and engraving with G. Kefalinos. His work, in a frame of representational painting, reflects sceneries, seascapes, and still life. His artwork is distinguished by harmonious analogies and the freemasonic organization of space with cubistic extensions. He has used multiple techniques amongst them, oil-painting, water-color and wood-engraving with a preference in colored Indian ink by which he has made a series of portraits which have been presented in a Greek exhibition in 1989.