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Economopoulos Jason
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Ιάσων Οικονομοπουλος 70×80 εκ. Λάδια σε καμβά Jason Economopoulos 70×80 cm Oils on canvas


Thanassis Zachariou was born in Athens at 1965. When he was nine years old, he met the painter V. Germenis who – having seen his first works – encouraged him to continue painting.
At the age of 15, he studied under the supervision of the painter D. Chitiris who taught him most of the secrets of painting while at the same time he took some drawing lessons from Vlachopoulos and Vogiatzis. He then spent 2 years studying at the German School of Graphic Arts at Plaka.
He has presented his works in solo exhibitions as well as in group ones. He currently lives and works at Vari, Attiki.