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Krideras Nikolaos
  -    -  Krideras Nikolaos
Νικόλαος Κριδέρας 70×100 εκ. Ακρυλικά σε καμβά Nikolaos Krideras 70×100 cm Acrylics on canvas


Nikos Krideras was born in 1933 in Mytilene, on the island with the great historical route and the unique natural beauties, which enchanted him from an early age with its intense colors and contrasts.
The blue of the sea travelled him mentally until the time he moved permanently to Athens. This color had permeated his artistic quality, inspiration and expression to such an extent that Nikos Krideras quickly established himself as the painter of the Greek seas. With the technique of pure impressionism, he captures on the canvas the power but also the relaxing effect of the sea, the endless blue of the sea and the sky, the small, picturesque bays of his island, the colorful boats that he looked at as a child in Mytilene as the fishermen he grew up with them.
In the 45 years of his painting career, he has exhibited successfully and with excellent reviews in Athens, Berlin, Munich, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Canada, France, Mexico, Hawaii. His perfect technique, the power of his artistic creation and the impact of his works were recognized and awarded by the Hellenic Navy and by the French Academy of Arts, which awarded him the Medal of the Knights.
He was a member of the Philological Association “PARNASSOS”.
Nikos Krideras passed away in 2021.