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Gatzonis Miltiadis
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Μίλτος Γκατζώνης 70×100 εκ Λάδια σε καμβά Miltos Gatzonis 70×100 cm Oils on canvas
Μίλτος Γκατζώνης 30×70 εκ Λάδια σε καμβά Miltos Gatzonis 30×70 cm Oils on canvas


Miltos Gatzonis was born in Gala, Thesprotia in 1938. At a very young age, he moved to Piraeus. He is self-taught whilst he got some painting lessons from T. Kaimis.
He has been inspired by the Russian school of arts which he had studied for many years. The figures in his paintings follow the iconographic standards, painted mainly with dark colors surrounded by vivid gold background and dim light that give an impression of transcendence and sanctity.
He has presented his work in many solo and group exhibitions.
He has also undertaken the illustration of a number of novels as well as of high-school reading textbooks.
His paintings can be found in many private collections and galleries.