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Retzas Redis
  -    -  Retzas Redis
Ρέντης Ρετζάς 30×30 εκ. Ακρυλικά σε καμβά Redis Retzas 30×30 cm Acrylics on canvas (1)
Ρέντης Ρετζάς 30×33 εκ. Ακρυλικά σε καμβά Redis Retzas 30×33 cm Acrylics on canvas
Ρέντης Ρετζάς 27×30 εκ. Ακρυλικά σε καμβά Redis Retzas 27×30 cm Acrylics on canvas


Redis Retzas was born in 1971 .
His love and talent for painting became obvious at an early age.
1994: He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and received his first excellent reviews in a school exhibition.
He has been painting and exhibiting his works in various galleries in Greece, Cyprus and Italy, serving what he believes: ”By painting we become better and get closer to perfection.”
Being in love with painting and conscious that art belongs to everyone, he continuously offers it to us.

His themes are usually figures of unknown women, the sea, and all these are transferred on canvas in a unique, unusual and unconventional way. In his journey on the ”train of life”, the artist feels that he has the obligation to portray transcendently the colours that our lives beautiful.

Armed with the power of his paintbrush and his talent, he is a painter whose works are marked by a mixture of elements far from conventional.

His works are in private collections in Greece and abroad.
Since July 2014, Retzas lives and works in Toronto, Canada.